Bundeswehr M43 field hats

After WW2 Germany was divided as we all know and West Germany was created and it was called Bundes republik Deutschland (BRD) and it's army was called Bundeswehr. The Germany army or heer kept the M43 field hat as did several other former axis countries such as Austria, Finland and East Germany (DDR)among others. It is/was also used by several borderguards and police forces. Naturally the hats were modifified and this current popular Bundeswehr field hat is more similar to the more simple Afrika corp and SS camoflage style caps, with false fold outs than the original M43. They are also slightly smaller in size, which make them a practical everyday work hat. They have a cheaper feel to them aswell. The hats are made of either 100% cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester. I myself have an used ex. army cap (see pic in the middle) and it is a good practical hat that I wear daily. It's well sown and sits well. It's recomended that you get one that is a size or two larger. You know conscripts are young kids with small heads..

These Bundeswehr field hats are sold as used former army issue hats and brand new. I'd choose the cotton versions because of better quality and colouralsation. The colours are either olive green, flecktarn camoflage (see pic above) or tropentarn (desert camoflage, more on them later on), even old blue versions float about. Prices are very affordable as low as 0.90 Euros to 5 Euros depending on dealer and country. German lists have special 10 hats for 9 euro deals as well. The brand new versions cost approx 8-9 Euros. See dealers in sidebar for details. Beware of high postage rates of the German dealers. Buy from local dealers to avoid that trap.

More on Tropentarn field hats at another time.

Miltec M43 camoflage reproductions

Here is a section of the reproductions German Mil tec makes (sold here by Räer in Germany). Miltec uses 65% polyester and 35% cotton which makes it a durable and practical hat for outdoor use but it has a polyester like shine which some don't appreciate. I own the erbsentarn (autamn camo) (Östertarn in pic) hat and it's a well sown, well fitting cap. I use mine everyday. Prices range from 4.90Euros to 10 Euros depending on shop. I bought mine from Desertrat.se. I recommend them highly. I want a Sumpftarn version soon!

This blog will continue to look into the M43 field hat and this blog is politically neutral and will remain so. Don't hesitate to comment.