Austrian Bundesheer field hat

The Austrian army or Bundesheer as they are called is another former axis power that kept the M43 style field hat. When it comes to the M43 and similar designs they all seem to have their origin in the Austro-Hungarian feldkappe from the pre WW1 era (see picture above) All these later field hats are styled after these feldkappes and bergmutzes (mountain hats). The Bundesheer field hat has the higher crown that is similar to the original Austrian feldkappe, if one compares it with the other axis versions of this hat. These current Austrian field hats are made of 67% polyester and 33% viscos (at time of writing I'm not sure if a cotton version is also available) prices on used hats range from 2:50 - 4 Euro. New hats are priced approx 15Euro. Varusteleka - Finland sells used ones for 2:50 Euro. This is another classic version of the M43 field hat that is also a practical hat for everyday use. Anyone who knows about cheap suppliers please get in touch.

Next time a rundown on Finnish M36's/M43's .

Bundeswehr Tropentarn M43 field hats

The Bundeswehr Tropentarn camoflage M43 field hat has it's roots with it's predecessor the Afrika Corp M43, which was a simpler version of the standard M43 field hat. It was simple with fake fold outs and a light colour to suit the deserts of northern Africa. The current Bundeswehr Tropentarn field hat has been said to have originated in it's current form as an development of the green Bundeswehr flektarn field hat for use in the campaign in Somalia.  Currently it's used in the campaign in Afghanistan by the Bundeswehr.  Just as the flektarn M43 this tropentarn version is slightly smaller than the original M43s, and it hasn't got the large brim of the Afrika corp version. I haven't seen any used ones for sale and most on sale are brand new. There seems to be 2 colour versions of this hat. One with light  khaki with 2 shades of brown and another the Mil tec version with the addition of green, see picture above. Prices are around in the 8 - 10 Euro range. This is a great summer hat and very tasteful in apprearence. See local dealers so you can  get for one for yourself.