Finlands M36 - M43 field hats

 Civil war model field hat
 Finnish soldiers in M36's during WW2
 Cartoon of Finnish borderguard with M43
 Reproduction M36
 Original M36 field hat (note same as M43)
 Finnish soldiers in summer issue M36's
Postwar Finnish army M43 field hat (note Finnish lions on buttons)
Finnish army M43 in the mid 1960's

Apart from Germany and Austria, Finlands is the other axis country that has used the M43 style field hat the longest. It's origins are from the pre WW1 era and definetly during the civilwar (post WW1) M36 style fields hats were common. The M36 and predecessors are similar to the Austrian bergmutze in both design and material. During WW2 this hat was standard issue in the Finnish army and it was nicknamed "Blood Scoop" for obvious reasons. This M36 modell has remained in Finland unultered until approx mid 60's when the M43 style field hat was issued more widely (see bottom picture) according to sources the WW2 M36 was used well into the 80's.. Today the Finnish army uses a M45 style/BDU style hats and god forbid baseball caps. So get a Finnish M36/M43 before they disapear. This field hat is a legend and a symbole of respect, so think twice before calling people wearing M43's nazis.. You only prove your ignorance doing that. This blog is dedicated to the living memory of all those who defended Finland in their Blood Scoops. Enough said. Sotavaruste Ky sells this hat for 15 Euro with Finnish cockade, see link.