Black Panzar M43

This is another variation on the M43 field hat that was designed for the  panzar corps and the waffen SS. (This blog distances itself politically from Nsdap and it's SS). The panzar M43 and waffen SS versions differ in that the panzar version has the eagle and german cockade were as the waffen SS version has the eagle combined with a skull (totenkopf). The totenkopf is in it's turn is a historical relic from the napleonic era when special assult troops had skulls on their hats (see cartoon pirates aswell for parallels). On the market there are several black M43's both summer versions in  mollskin cotton and the woolen winter version. Prices are good and quality is also good, though some of the cheaper versions have design flaws as with the cheaper grey M43's. I have a good cheaper version in 70% wool and 30% viscos and it's is a good solid everyday hat and priced approx 19 Euro. Places like Hessen antique have the  top end German made versions which by apprereance are stuning. The material and workmanship are essencial for right appreance. Bad sewing will give a clumpsy appreance. Go for mid to top range if you are choosy. I bought my black M43 from Swedens för 19 Euro and I use it daily. It's a good warm hat in winter.